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Q: Don’t I need a monetized food blog with advertising and a large audience to make money?

A: Monetized blogs can be profitable IF administered properly. However, social-sharing home-cooks tend to spend their time cooking, not administering. FYF monetizes recipes without needing a blog and by doing (almost) all the work for you!

Q: What is the AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS POOL? Do I need to become an Affiliate?

A: You do NOT need to be an Affiliate!
FYF’s unique Affiliate Commissions Pool acts on your behalf to start the monetizing process. Commissions are automatically distributed each month. Our algorithm determines your % of the Commission Pool. Just tell FYF what items (up to two) you want to promote for each recipe and FYF adds our affiliate links for those products. You just collect what’s due. The more you promotion your recipe and the more FYF authors join the pool, the more profits you can make. Learn how this works in detail at our FAQ! (see: Branded List / Affiliate Program)

Q: What is the BRAND MATCHING Program?

A: Brand Matching converts affiliate links into a subscription service for brands to advertise directly and relevantly on your recipes. You decide exactly what Ads will show on your recipes. Without a blog, recipe authors would never have this much control. This is a new frontier in recipe-based Advertising.
Brand Matching enables automatically on recipes with at least one Affiliate Link (see above). Brand Ads = More $ for you! Learn how this works in our FAQ! (see: Advertiser List / Brand Matching)

Q: Do I need to interact with Brands? How do I make my recipes Brand-friendly? How much does Brand Advertising pay me?

A: No need to interact. FYF facilitates the handshake between you and interested Brands. Your affiliate-linked recipes indicate that you like a Brand’s product and are open for direct advertising.
Brands can view you and your recipe library to determine if your social activity can justify the Ad. Brands contact FYF to set-up a subscription and place Ads (ex: uploaded linked images) on your recipes. You simply get emailed to approve (or deny) the Brand’s image.
FYF provides guidance to set-up a Brand List (which includes your direct links to that Brand’s products). When a recipe includes an item from your Brand List (as an ingredient, in a description, etc..) that recipe is automatically included on our public, promoted Branding Report, and is seen as Brand-friendly.
FYF offers competitive pricing to Brands for your recipe’s Ad-space. All recipes have two Ad-spaces and are treated/priced equally. FYF takes a small fee, you automatically get the rest.
Learn how this works in detail at our FAQ! (see: Advertiser List / Brand Matching)

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