Putting your best Face on your Food

FYF Recipes: Start to Finish

  1. Login / click Add Recipe
  2. Complete the Recipe Form. Save/Edit/Preview until ready to share.
  3. SHARE with the FYF Community (use Share button)
  4. PUBLISH (as a new Post) to your FB Timeline (use Publish button)

Note: Pop-up instructions make it easy at every step!

Pro-tip: With FYF App, you can start a recipe by selecting any of your existing FB (food) posts.
Your Published FYF Recipe will be associated and reference that post.

FYF Recipes: Special Features

  1. Unlimited pic uploads that revolve as a carousel.
  2. Display a YouTube video link.
  3. Recipe References (to give credit to your inspirations).
  4. Recipes Rated and Favorited.
  5. Designed for one-page printouts.
  6. Full Rich-Text control for your Recipe Description. Be as fancy as you want!
  7. FB Activity Tracking & Scoring of all Published Recipes.
    Note: Our algorithm convert Likes, Comments and Ratings into Scores/Ranks!
  8. Author-specified, product links for affiliate monetization.
  9. Author-controlled, in-recipe Brand Advertising for direct monetization.
    Note: Designed to establish your personal Brand.

See FAQ for more details!

FYF Site: Special Features

  1. Post to FB from FYF
  2. Upload recipe docs/pdfs to FYF. Reference AS your recipe, IN your FYF Recipe. Don’t recreate the wheel!
  3. “Quick Draft”. Instantly draft a recipe from a saved image. Be inspired now…complete your recipe later.
  4. FYF Events! Fundraisers & Business Promotions/Giveaways using FYF Recipe Scores as your Contest!

See FAQ for more details!

FYF: What’s Coming!

So Come Join our Community!
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