FYF EVENTS for Fundraising & Business Promotions

Recipe Contests to Raise Money & Promote your Business


FYF Events are a “Recipe Contests” designed to ENGAGE your Target Audience. As a Fundraising Organizer or Savvy Business Owner, FYF Events provide the extra exposure you need. Participants’ submitted recipes to Facebook are Tracked/Scored to determine a winner based on Social Activity. Now ANYONE can QUICKLY & EASILY Promote their Passion!



Raise $ with a “donation based” recipe contest

Fun/Easy way to collect $. Contest winner offered prize (ex: gift card, specific item)


Business/Bloggers increase exposure with a “free” recipe contest

Boost exposure. Contest winner offered giveaway (ex: online discounts, gift cards)


How They Work
  1. Event Organizer completes the Event template

    Includes real-time creation of optional Event Promotions page.

  2. Event URL provided for Event promotionsinclusion (ex: Social Media, Emails, etc.)
  3. Event URL leads potential participantsto enter the Event.

    For Fundraisers, contestants pay the organizer’s pre-set entry fee.

  4. Draft contest recipe created for participant, then Edited/Posted to their FB Timelines.

    FB Post = Contest Submission. The posts social activity is tracked/scored by FYF.

  5. Participants promote their recipe to FB Friends.

    More Likes, Comments & Recipe Ratings = Higher Contest Score.

  6. Participants track their recipes Score/Rank on FYF

How They Are Paid

  1. At End Date, the Organizer Panel allows a REQUEST of FUNDS
  2. FYF paysthe Organizer (within 2 business days) 93% of the collected Total
    (Participants*Entrance Fee) via the method indicated (PayPal or Bank Transfer)
  3. Organizer PaneltracksEventin real-time (metrics, #participants, totals, nets)


How They Work (Getting Exposure)
  1. See Fundraising / How They Work. Same Process, without the Entrance Fee.
  2. An upfront per promotion $10 (or optional subscription)fee is required by the Organizer.
    The fee keepsthis service viable, since there are no Event commissions.



Organizer mustprovide a contest prize that best suits their contest and needs. This prize should be mentioned in promotional materials. Mailing/Shipping may be effort and cost-prohibitive. Online Coupons, Gift Cards and Downloads can often be the easiest prizes to provide to anyone, anywhere.

FYF has an optional, Gift Card (pre-paid by the Organizer) link automatically emailed to the winner. This will always be the easiest option, so long as it fits the organizers needs.


FYF helps promote your Event with an Event Promotional page. This optional public page can be created, with full editing abilities when creating your Event. Can be used as primary material, or as a boost to existing promotions. Useful for organizers without a personal site or easy access to create & host a public URL.

BIG TIPS!(For Participants)
  1. Recipes require a Main photo to SAVE.Update your Draft recipe’s photo with your specific photo.

    Have a photo of your completed dish handy before editing your recipe

  2. If your recipe photo exists only in an existing FB post, FYF can import that photo into your contest recipe via the FYF App only. Once imported, the FYF SITE can finalize the submission.

FYF is excited to bring you this industry-first concept.

Login to www.FACEYOURFOOD.net, click FYF EVENTS and start Organizing your first Fundraiser or Business Promotion Event!