Be a “Preferred FYF Site” for Business & Blog Organic Promotion

Be Seen, Be Referenced, Be Shared, Be Noticed. The organic approach to best promote YOU!

Large scale, organically shared content is now in the grasp of Food Businesses, Bloggers & Recipe Developers with FYF’s Preferred FYF Site service. Preferred FYF Site provides the HANDSHAKE between YOUR SITE and the FYF Community, who will promote you across Facebook. The GOAL is always More Exposure, but Without Being Intrusive (which advertising, emails & pages can seem). Preferred FYF Site achieves this by incentivizing your content to our community of recipe authors. They benefit by referencing your URL in their FYF recipe.

As seen from the Recipe Form excerpt below:

The Ingredients List is suppressed when an any Existing Recipe is referenced. This allows the recipe’s description area to document tweaks, if any, to your recipe. The viewership of the published recipe must click your URL as the source, DRIVING TRAFFIC TO YOU.



FYF recipe authors are part of an ongoing, friendly online FYF Chef Competition. The social activity (Likes, Comments, Ratings) on their FB posted recipes are tracked and translated into a FYF Chef Score. They are always promoting their recipes for a higher score and they get bonus scoring when using Preferred FYF Site recipes. Their online recipe sharing and gaming to the Public or Friends-of-Friends is the most organic way to put you in-front of new audiences, on a global scale.

How Can The FYF Community Know About Me, So They Can Reference Me?

No Problem! When part of Preferred FYF Site, you are advertised to the FYF Community (onsite, emails, and any means we have access to). Your success is our success, and we are eager and able to get you seen and be successful.


There are COUNTLESS food-related businesses, sites and blogs, most never seen by the vast majority of foodies and cooks who would be very interested in your products and content. Your budget may not allow for mass marketing. But they have only so much time to research, to scroll through Google results, to find something different, a diamond-in-the-rough to offer new ideas.


When a recipe author’s friend sees YOU referenced in their friend’s recipe, then YOU are the TOP search result, YOU are given priority and implicit respect, YOU are where others sites want to be…b/c their friend thought your site was worth the time, worth making a recipe from, worth buying a product from, worth being part of their recipe and their life.

This is organic sharing at its best. It is free of pretention and heavy-handedness. It is simply NON-INTRUSIVE, SILENT, TREASURED, SHARED.

How Can I Become a Preferred FYF Site? What do I have to do?

Just access our Sign-Up form. It has complete details & easy instructions on how to add your URL to our Listing.

- Once a Preferred FYF Site, your URL can be previewed and selected directly into FYF recipes (to avoid typos!)
- You can also monitor your URL’s social activity by our tracking and metrics of FYF Recipes.
-We are also working on tracking clicks to your Site from FYF-recipes, for a direct assessment of service benefits.

Can I Register More Than One Site?

Yes. Each separate domain acts as separate registry.

Can I Choose Specific/Multiple URL’s Under a Domain?

Yes. Submit as many URL’s that are related to your recipes, products, or anything you feel is a fit for this service. The Sign-Up form outlines this in more detail. We suggest adding many specific item URL’s, which will be organized by domain for easy preview and selection in FYF recipes.

This industry-first concept is being finalized now and will be available in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!

Please add your email to our pre-registry list so we can alert you directly when it’s time to become a Preferred FYF Site!

FYF Team