How Did I Not Know This!?

Increase your Food IQ! 
Answers to the culinary questions you never thought to ask!

1. How to Distinguish Wild from Farmed Tuna?
2. What is Xanthan Gum?
3. Green-Black-Matcha Teas. Which is Healthier?
4. The Good, Bad & Ugly of Grapeseed Oil (vs Oilve Oil and Other Veg Oils)
5. COHO: What You need to Know!
6. Why are non-dairy creamers bad?  /  Which non-dairy creamers are better/good?
     See Mariani's Unsweetened Walnut Milk  Thicker than Almond Milk, like a creamer, in Supermarkets, better priced)
7. Is MSG
bad for you?  Maybe not as much as you've been told.
8. The Truth about Bacon (and are Nitrites really bad?)


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