Ad Section

Download the FYF Advertising Presentation to learn more about advertising on FYF, branding opportunities, and other great benefits an opportunities.

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Use the provided form to submit any questions about our Brand Exposure/Advertisement Opportunity (the FYF Team will respond ASAP), or dive in by filling-out the optional ad section to submit your ad. A pay link via PayPal will follow to complete your request and have your ad placed on the specified page, rotating with each refresh. You will also receive a monthly ad activity report.

Note: Ad submissions are checked for content. Only those deemed relevant to, and appropriate for FYF, can be placed. You will be notified should any submission not meet our criteria.

The determination of relevancy (Does the Ad promote content in-line with the core mission of FYF?) and appropriateness (Does the Ad promote content that meets the social standards adhered to by FYF?) is made on a case-by-case basis, to ensure the highest quality Ads are placed on FYF and become your Ads gold-standard company.