FYF Inspired by and Developed for the FB Cooking Community…

We were excited to recreate dishes posted by home chefs (some our Friends!) touting their latest creations, but few had links to personal recipes, most had nothing.

We requested the recipes, but mostly received incomplete comments that we couldn’t save or print. We asked for a more complete version, but most had nothing set-up to post recipes or share documents to their Timelines.

We wondered why it’s so difficult to provide recipes, forcing Friends to make requests?

Turns out, FB is NOT set-up to be a Recipe Host. For cooks to post a recipe, they need to host a recipe, but how and where is the question. A food blog is common, but that’s pretty serious for the person randomly posting food to FB. Recipe documents are fine, except in FB that’s only possible to Food Groups/Pages, not Timelines. There are Food Apps to create recipes, but how to share that to your Timeline? It’s just not easy to share the recipe in your head to FB in a way that’s easy and convenient for you and your Friends…


Introducing FYF

FYF is the free, blogless online utility to create, host and share your recipes, which can include all your food images (like a blog). Your food can become a new post to FB from FYF, or associate a new recipe with an existing FB food post. This creates more value for friends. They won’t have to ask for recipes since they’ll know you have FYF and if you had a recipe to share, it would there already! or will be in the future. Your new posts will also increase social interaction, capture social activity metrics, and act as an advertising vehicle for your culinary efforts.

FYF is Much More than Posting Recipes…


For Authors
- Be Monetized
- Have Embedded Brand Advertising

For Bloggers
- Create new traffic by having inspiring content for the FYF Community

For Business
- Be a new and efficient Ad Platform on recipes that already tout you and your products.

Establish Your Own Food Identity

FYF is about the Cooks, the Recipe Authors! We aren’t only helping you share your culinary gems across Facebook, but are actively establishing your recipe-portfolio and promoting you as a Food-de-Force. Having you recognized by established Food Blogs and Brands is the ultimate success for you and us. Your recognition brings with it opportunities to partner and make money of your efforts.

So Come Join our Community!
Look around the Site, Download the Free FYF App, and take the first step beyond food sharing, but a creation of your Brand, that attracts the food community to you!