About us

Face Your Food (FYF) is "the" recipe App & Website specifically customized for the FB Community!

FB users can now benefit like never before from the FB Community's culinary skills, while proudly touting their own creations. Asking "Where's the recipe?" to enticing food postings is no longer a question with FYF. We provide an easy and slick means to create and share recipes for the FB Community to view and interact with.

..but it's so much more!

With FYF, Your Photo-Associated Recipes and new Recipe Posts Help Increase:

  • Activity around that Post or Photo
  • Appreciation from your FB Friends
  • The FB Community's Food Education
  • Your Social Exposure/Currency

FYF Old FB Food Posts and Photos Are Never Forgotten with FYF!

Use your new FYF posted recipes as source to link back to older FB Posts and Photos that were your inspiration, and to let your FB fan-base know what you've done, and where it come from.

Compete Against Other FB Recipe Authors with FYF!

Opt-in to our fun, friendly, yet competitive, local-to-global FB Chef Competition! It's easy to publish a FYF recipe, but will they garner the required community support to ascend in our competition?We've got an algorithm to track your recipe activity, and that's our little Chef's secret!

FYF provides ORDER from the CHAOS

Organize Food Posts scattered throughout Cooking Groups, Pages, Albums and Timelines into an Interactive and Entertaining system of Easily Managed, Edited and Tracked Recipes and personal Publications.

Join the FYF Foodie Nation!

We at FYF are not only Foodies, but FB Foodies on a mission to promote Great Food, Great Ideas and Great Sharing in the most Useful, Educational and Entertaining means possible!

Bon App├ętit!