Recipes = Knowledge, Knowledge = Power, Recipes = Power!

Harness the Power of Your Recipes!

FYF is a great way to Share your recipes, Build a recipe library, and have friendly Competition with fellow FYF Chefs.
But it’s much MORE…
FYF Leverages your efforts into PROFITS by pairing your RECIPES with BRANDS they PROMOTE.

Q: Don’t recipe profits come from a monetized food blog with a large audience? I don’t have that, and wasn’t planning on it.

A: Yes. Monetized blogs/sites are great, IF you administer them properly. Most social-sharing home-cooks spend their time cooking, not administering. FYF answers by allowing your recipes to be direct Advertisements to and for BRANDS they promote. This is a new frontier of Advertising. Ads in your recipes = money for you. Same recipe, plus one easy step to turn into it into a beacon for brands, ready to have their banners uploaded to your recipes.
FYF reaches out to Brands so they know of your brand-enabled recipes. Every FYF recipe is designed up to accept two Ads. Brands will determine if your recipes are right for them. The more social activity you are and your recipes have on FB, the more likely a brand will see you as a good advertising source.

Q: Do I need to interact with Brands directly?

A: No. FYF facilitates the handshake between you and interested brands. Your recipe is your voice to a brand, stating, “I like this item, I like you, I’m open for advertising”. If the Brand contacts FYF to place specific ads on your recipes, FYF does all the work.

Q: How do I make my recipe Brand-friendly?

A: FYF guides you from within with the recipe template. If Brand List is set-up and you use items/terms from that list in your recipe, FYF knows that recipe is brand-ready, and we direct the appropriate Brands to that recipe.

Q: How much can I make if my recipes are sponsored?

A: We have competitive and composite pricing for you brand sponsors. A nominal fee for joining our FYF Brand Network (to gain access to FYF brand-ready recipes). In additional, each recipe has its own pricing structure, the fee related to your FYF social activity. A more detailed chart will be made available. As a facilitator, FYF takes a % admin fee. All monies in and out will be available from your FYF Site login.

Why spend time posting awesome recipes with no/little chance of getting paid?
We offer that chance, with no cost or obligation to you.
Create a new FYF recipe now. We can make it brand-ready when it’s time.

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Cheers and Profits!
FYF Team