Putting your best Face on your Food

FYF Recipes: Start to Finish

  1. Login / click Add Recipe
  2. Complete the Recipe Form. Save/Edit/Preview until ready to share.
  3. SHARE with the FYF Community (use Share button)
  4. PUBLISH (as a new Post) to your FB Timeline (use Publish button)

Note: Pop-up instructions make it easy at every step!

Pro-tip: With FYF App, you can start a recipe by selecting any of your existing FB (food) posts.
Your Published FYF Recipe will be associated and reference that post.

FYF Recipes: Special Features

  1. Unlimited pic uploads that revolve as a carousel.
  2. Display a YouTube video link.
  3. Recipe References (to give credit to your inspirations).
  4. Recipes Rated and Favorited.
  5. Designed for one-page printouts.
  6. Full Rich-Text control for your Recipe Description. Be as fancy as you want!
  7. FB Activity Tracking & Scoring of all Published Recipes.
    Note: Our algorithm convert Likes, Comments and Ratings into Scores/Ranks!
  8. Author-specified, product links for affiliate monetization.
  9. Author-controlled, in-recipe Brand Advertising for direct monetization.
    Note: Designed to establish your personal Brand.

See FAQ for more details!

FYF Site: Special Features

  1. Post to FB from FYF
  2. Upload recipe docs/pdfs to FYF. Reference AS your recipe, IN your FYF Recipe. Don’t recreate the wheel!
  3. “Quick Draft”. Instantly draft a recipe from a saved image. Be inspired now…complete your recipe later.
  4. FYF Events! Fundraisers & Business Promotions/Giveaways using FYF Recipe Scores as your Contest!

See FAQ for more details!

FYF: What’s Coming!

  1. FYF Publications: Create recipe books/calendars from selected recipes.
  2. FYFTopChef: Turn your recipes scores into a fun and exciting virtual chef competition. For FYF App.

So Come Join our Community!
Look around the Site, Download the Free FYF App, and take the first step beyond food sharing, but a creation of your Brand, that attracts the food community to you!