Frequently Asked Questions

“Face Your Food” offers a new and unique way to consider & present your Food, Business and Branding using Recipes that are like no other. FYF recipes are not only tailored to turn Facebook recipe sharing into a more social experience, but also into a personal branding medium, a money generator through affiliate and brand advertising, and offers food bloggers extra exposure through new author-referencing features.

FYF also presents FYF Events! These Events create automated recipe contests where contestants pay-to-play (for fundraiser organizers) or enter-free (for business promotions/giveaways). Winners determined from social activity. It’s never been so easy to create an online event for these purposes.

But above all, FYF is a Service for Recipe Creators. FYF is poised to assist all who cook and present food, but has its roots in elevating the casual cook, and turn the hard work of cooking and recipe posting into a blogless, money-making means.

FaceYourFood was inspired from the curiousity to learn about and recreate the many great dishes and drinks posted on Facebook. With few of these posts having recipe details to read or print, this required requests to the poster for more information. 

Since FB doesn't have a dedicated recipe creation system, it's up to the cooks, the food posters, to create their own, but how and where is the question. Most only thought about providing a recipe as an afterthought, upon request, as a comment, and had no blog or utility to turn to if/when they wanted to provide more.

That has changed!

FYF is the free, blogless online tool to host a recipe library that associates with your new or already existing FB food posts, to create more value for friends and act as an advertising vehicle for your culinary efforts.

Absolutely! Joining the FYF Community puts you under no obligation to create recipes.You can search for recipes or take advantage of other features (ex: if you are an Organizer or a Business, using FYF Events).  You can also download the FYF App on iTunes to be alerted of new recipes and community happenings.

But on the social side, you should login to FYF to help your FB Friends increase their FYF Chef Score with your likes, comments and recipe ratings!  Higher scores get them noticed, mentioned on our Top 10 listings, and primed to compete in FYF's forthcoming virtual chef competition (FYFTopChef)!

Mainly because FYF's Inspiration came from Facebook food postings (see FAQ #2). Though FYF recipes are generic enough for anyone to use, they were designed to enhance the FB community’s experience by inviting more social activity around food posings linked to FYF recipes. 

This is not to say FYF won't attempt a similar recipe to posting linkage, as is applicable and possible, with other social media in the future - but with over 2 billion FB users, FYF feels our social media pool of users is pretty decent :)

No. The FYF App can retrieve & display your FB Newsfeed, TimeLine & Albums, from which you can select a post or picture as a "recipe source".
   Note1: Every FYF recipe requires a primary food photo from some source, which can be an exisiting FB food post.

FYF does not duplicate FB functionality, but acts as a recipe-specific extension of FB.
   Note2: Only the FYF App can retrieve your FB information to use as a recipe source, but the FYF Site can create recipes using locally stored or already used image as recipe sources.

Easy! Just click ADD RECIPE from within the App or Site. A reicpe form with present itself and guide you to filling out your best recipe. 

Save as a Draft to Preview and Edit as needed. Keep editing until you are ready to Share with the FYF Community. Once Shared, the recipe is ready to be Published to FB, which becomes a FYF recipe post on your FB Timeline.  FYF information pop-up's guide you along the way!

Facebook doesn't know if your posts reference FYF recipes, but your FB friends will know and support you with social acitivity!

When starting a new recipe, you can start as being non-FB referenced (offline pics; pics already used in recipes) or FB referenced (Timeline Post or FB Album/Pics). If the recipe is FB referenced, when Published back to FB it will include the URL to your Timeline post or Album/Pic)

Yes. The recipe interface has a SAVE (Draft), FYF-Share and FB-Publish. When Saved, no-one knows what’s you’re working on, so re-edit/resave as needed. When it’s finalized as FYF-Shared and/or FB-Published, the recipe becomes available to your FYF Community and FB Friends with an auto-generated promotional comment to your FB post.


Note: SAVED and FYF-Shared recipes can be edited on the Site, but FB-Published recipes cannot (yet).

No Problem! We realize that sometimes the easiest way to create/edit larger content is on a larger screen, so FYF has created a “dual recipe entry system” between our App and Site. A recipe started from either can be called up from the other – because the recipe is stored in a common backend database. The App and Site have similar functionality, so each can SAVE, FYF-SHARE and FB-PUBLISH. Our goal is to make your recipe creation and dissemination as easy and quick as possible!

Easy!  Just FB-Publish your recipe from FYF. This creates a new FB Post on your FB Timeline with your recipe pic and title linked to the FYF recipe online recipe, and automatic (but editable) promotional text for your FB audience – so they know what’s going on with this automated posting.  The post also includes a second link, if your FYF recipe was created using a chosen FB-Source post from your FB Timeline.

We would love for food-related group members to publish their FYF recipes directly to Groups, but the FB API does not allow it at this time.


From within FB you can then “Share” your own FB-Published recipe from your Timeline to a Group.  

The Status Text will NOT Share automatically. You can COPY the status text (including source links) and PASTE into the shared post screen before Sharing. This allows your Group members (Friends or not) to see the recipe post as it exists in your Timeline.  Then you can delete the Timeline post, if it wasn’t intended to exist there.

From FB, your audience can simply click your new FB recipe post (see #8).  But they can also search for you and FYF-Shared/FB-Published recipes from the App and Site.  For convenience, each View of a recipe has a Print option.

No. The more the better, but not just for your Friends.  The # of published recipes is one metric in the FB Chef rank algorithm. However, poor ratings work against you, so publish your best recipes with ratings in mind.

Yes! We realize many superb culinary recipesbeing shared are based on existing online recipes – and you can do the same. The FYF recipe form can capture an existing “Recipe URL” that you want to use. This recipe will suppress the Ingredients Section you would normally fill-in to SAVE a recipe (at least one ingredient). The rest of the recipe form acts a wrapper, allowing you to add commentary to highlight any modifications you suggest for this base-recipe, that makes it “your own”. 

Yes. If you have two ways to make the worlds’ greatest eggplant parmesan, they must be two separate recipes, but you can always choose the same Timeline Post or Pic for both recipes.  However, they should have different Recipe Titles to avoid confusion.

No. Referencing FB Post/Pics are limited to your own FB Timeline Posts and FB Albums that FYF gets via the FB API. 

You may have a great FYF recipe to add to a Friends food post (who isn’t quick to add his own recipe, or that you think yours is a worthy additional recipe).  In this case, consider your friend as an inspiration and create your own recipe with FYF using your own picture. However, we have nothing against you copying a friends professional looking pic from FB and using it for your own FYF-recipe. 

It Doesn’t/Can’t. Posts to FB do not allow user-defined categories (ex: food). Posting to food albums certainly helps organize food content, but many on FB only post food content to their more generic Timeline. The FYF recipe author must take care to use recipe-relevant posts as sources of the FYF recipes.

Note: It doesn’t make sense to use a “muscle car” pic as a recipe source. If your recipe called Cream Puff turns out to be of a show-car, and not a pastry, we don’t think your fan-base will be that amused. Let’s all work together to avoid this. smiley

No. FYF can do this for you.  It can directly upload a pic saved on your device to an existing FB Album, or into a new FB Album created on the fly. Once uploaded, it can be chosen as a recipe source.  You can also use the pic directly from your device as a source for your new recipe.

No. It might be more convenient for you, but makes no difference to FYF.  You just choose pics from any post or album displayed. 

Note: However,FYF creates/populates two albums for you. One album of all images that you included in the “Create New FYF Post” utility (ex: posts for the FYF community), the other album is to show pics already used in FYF recipes.

Yes and No.

Yes because:

  • The FYF “My Newsfeed” pulls your FB News Feed, which is based on your Friendships.
  • Any FYF recipe inherits the same FB audience as the source post/pic.

No because:

  • Nothing stops your FB audience from sharing your recipes/enhanced pics with their Friends.
  • FYF is considering seeing non-FB Friend Published recipes (if they result in a FYF keyword food search. You can’t Like, Comment or Share back to FB, but you could Rate or Comment Internally to FYF.  

Yes. Every recipe is created with a User Search in mind. The recipe author is prompted to enter searchable Keywords and select form six Food/Diet Categories to help define the dish. The Recipe Search will match the Searcher’s Keywords and Food/Diet Categories against all FYF recipe Keywords and Categories. All results will be displayed, from where you can View, Print and Rate each recipe.

No problem!  BUT those Apps are NOT linked to FB and CANNOT duplicate FYF’s mission: “To enhance the FB Foodie experience and create new FB Social Media Cooking Stars”

Because simple sharing of External Recipe URL’s into your FB Timeline DOES:

  • NOT Allow you to customize that recipe, by including it inside your own custom FYF version of it.
  • NOTAllow that post to link back your older food posts that were the inspiration for your recipe and create TimeLine continuity and an increased/resurged social media activity.
  • NOT Avoid the copycat mentality of everyone reposting the same content over and over. FYF is about your custom content being shared with your Social Media audience!

FYFTopChef is social medias most unique cooking competition, drawing on supportive FB friends to Like/Comment and Rate the FYF-recipes you publish to your FB Timeline, FYF tracks all recipes social activity to calculate a score from 0 to 100, each point being harder to achieve. At any time you can see your current Score and Rank.

FYF announces Top 10 Chefs on our FB Page with each Top 10 change. Liking the FYF Page keeps you and your friends in the know! In the future, your Chef Scores will be used in a virtual Chef competition via the FYF App.  Here the cooking mitts come off as you pit your recipes and your friends dedication to your prowess against others and their loyal base.

As the FYF Community grows, the FYFTopChef's will be offered a monthly compensation. Please bare with us as we work out the details. Compensation can range from site credit toward future eCommerce items, free App upgrades & special "Top10-Only" features, to bonus advertising to further along your personal chef branding. This section will be updated to reflect the latest developments. 

The CHEF RANK is a position based on all CHEF SCORES, which are displayed from highest to lowest.  
The CHEF SCORE can range from 0 to 100 and is determined by two components.
Component 1, is a weighted average of recipe ratings, which accounts for 60% of your CHEF SCORE (60pts of 100pts).  Recipe ratings can be from FB friends who see your posted FYF recipe, or the any in the FYF Community who found your recipes from searches or other means.
Component 2, is based on FB Social Activity (Total # of Likes, Comments & Replies on of all Published FYF Recipes), which accounts for 40% of your CHEF SCORE (40pts of 100pts).  This component exists to reward those who’s FB Community is Active and Supportive.  Our proprietary algorithm is asymptotic to this limit of 40, so you can never reach 40 (ex: 39.9999…) no matter how much FB activity you have. However, it takes a lot of FB activity to get to 30pts and beyond.

For those worried about commercialization of posted recipes. That a recipe is posted to any website, creates and digital footprint, and is considered a "digital publication", and has with it, has an inherent copyright against the commercialization of your "digital property".
DadsPlan nor "Face Your Food" can specifically lay claim to protect your property, that' is not the role or assumed liability of these entities, and won't state that specifically.
However, the governing bodies offer copyright protections by virtue that a recipe is posted to a digital medium, and can show content associated with an record of authorship and creation date.

For recipe specific products/ingredients you want to promote, Find/Add those direct Amazon Links (URLs) to your Branding List, from
which you can select for inclusion into any of your FYF Recipes. Once any Amazon Link is included in a recipe, FYF considers that
recipe “Branded” and your link will be converted to a master FYF Affiliate link, where any clicks and subsequent commissions are
collected in the FYF Affiliate Account and distributed via PayPal on a monthly basis.

Monthly commissions are split 70% You, 30% FYF.  A report will be generated to highlight the total distributed and your percentage.
The FYF 30% is to maintain the platform, affiliate account, and ensure distribution of funds.
Payments (at this time) can only be provided via PayPal. FYF will prompt for your PayPal email when Adding your first Amazon Link to
the Branded List. That email  will be the default for a monthly payment, from all your Branded recipes. 

1. If the commissions payment due is less than $20, FYF reserves the right to carry commissions over to the next months, until the
    $20 threshold is met.

2. Monthly payments are calculated from the the first day of the month to the last day, and paid within 7 business days of the last
   day of the month.

Listing of Brands you already approved (or are awaiting your approval) to advertise directly on your recipes.

How it works:

  1. Brand Process:
  2. FB advertising directs Brands to an online-report showing what FYF recipes are “Brandable”, meaning which recipes are using Affiliate Links, indicating which company is favored by the recipe author.
  3. The Brand can filter the report to see recipe(s) of interest, the author’s FB social strength (via FYF Chef Score) and if impressed (or flattered) can submit a request (with linked graphic) to advertise on a specific recipe(s). The request is emailed to the author for review/ approval. If approved, the graphic replaces/swaps with, the Affiliate link.
  4. The Ad Space (your recipe) is billed on a subscription basis (weekly, monthly or quarterly), until a time of termination, which you receive 70% (see Affiliate Split in Branded List). It is all but guaranteed such direct advertising will pay more than Affiliate Commissions, so the swap is worth it. The goal is to promote and get advertising on all your Branded FYF recipes. A payment via Paypal will be made monthly to the email on file from the original Branded List entry.

Login to this panel for see your complete listing of FYF Events (Fundraisers and/or Business Promotions).  From here, you can edit you currently live Events (ex: dates, entry fee, details, etc), track #/names of participants, and request the total Fundraiser payment from FYF at the Event’s close.

FYF Event Details: